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September 19, 2017

Top 10 Bollywood Actor Who Can Also Dance

Here is the list of 10 Bollywood actor who can also Dance

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Bollywood actors are mostly famous for their acting talent, and actors are the person who creates emotion, romance, comedy, acting and dancing too. There are many actors who can also dance who are famous not in the industry but the world also. Their moves, Flexibility, style have earned global fans.

He is one of the successful actors in Bollywood, the ultimate action hero in the industry, he is also good in dancing and talent he has shown all over the world. He has done well in all his movies, he can do steps easily and steps and moves suit him nicely, His height which is good enough to look good when he dance.


Shahrukh Khan is the king of Bollywood and he is also mostly known as  King of Romance, He is a legend, His acting and the way he act and put emotions in cinema is extremely amazing, In terms of Dancing he is also good in Dancing, He has acted in more than 80 films and  he dances well in movies. So he is also a dancer. so I have given him 9th position.

Next among best dance in Bollywood is Ranveer Kapoor, very Finest actor in Bollywood who has shown his acting skills and dancing from his first movie, and he has done many movies and he dances in most of his songs.

Salman khan Dabbang Men in Bollywood who is now the Latest sensation of Bollywood, His all movies crosses in 100 club box office collecting. He now he is no 1 actor in Bollywood and if we talk about his dance then is really a good dancer, He can also dance hip hop because has a quality, his best dancing performance was in the Movie name Wanted, He danced very well in JALWA song, You should watch once.

Ranbeer Kapoor is one of the finest actors in Bollywood, He is best in every acting skills and he is very famous if we talk about his dance then he is really good in all dance form, basically, he is a dancer. so he is 6 in our list

Govinda name is enough, everybody knows about his dance, the way he dance is really attractive and world famous, he created a dance form and people call it govinda dance form

Shahid Kapoor one of the good-looking actor in Bollywood, He is a good dancer, He dances in all his movies and his moves is really attractive, He has done more than 35 movies.

Tiger Shroff is the sun of Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff commonly known by his stuntss, dance, body and looks, his first movie was heropaanti and he was very good in that movie, he dances so well

Prabhu Director, Director, Producer, Actor, Dancer he is good in so many things but is best in dancing, his moves are so nice and he is so flexible he deserves to be in no 2 in my list.

Here is the no 1 dancer of this list, Hrithik Roshan best dancer in Bollywood, His moves and flexibility are really awesome, the way he dances and his expressions are really amazing. He is also one of the best actor in Bollywood and no 2 good looking men in Asia. so he is the winner

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