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August 10, 2017

Tips To Become the Successful Dancer And Achieve the Goal of your Life

I want to  be the Successful Dancer And i will achieve my dream… 

A very Simple line Every body says but the person who believe in them-self they only achieve their Dream, The Biggest Motivation for every Dancer is They always repeat the line inside their heart they believe in them-self and their dedication and hard work decide their future, Some where some one is a batter dancer then you but that is not going to decide that in future you will become best Dancer than



Thing You Should Do To become a Successful Dancer :-

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    Believe in Your-self:- Self believe and self motivation is the most important aspect for every dancer,  Believing in yourself will motivate you to do something.

  • Motivate Yourself :- Motivation is the important properties to become a successful dancer , Every Morning stand in front of mirror and always say to your-self that are not a looser, and see a dream with open eyes that you have achieved what ever you want in your life, and put some water in face and take oath to became a successful person in your life
  • Think to Start now :-  Yes this is the time to start from the scratch , when every you are starting don’t look back just focus on destination from where you are going to start, and go for it


  • Never fear of failure :-  Think Positive and go positive , every successful person have faced hurdles don’t think that i fall or fail you only need to believe that are going to achieve it infect you will achieve it .

Good Dancers :-

  1. EXCUSES:- This is the biggest drawback of every dances, escape all excuses when every you thinking for the practice in your mind and excuses come in your mind for example – first i should eat something then i will go for practice or i should go for sleep after that i am gonna start so you only need to escape all these excuses.
  2. TAKE MUSIC SERIOUSLY:- Music and its rhythm always connect to your soul and motivate you to move your body so take music seriously
  3. WATCH TUTORIAL VIDEOS:- Something you can learn from others always  try to learn from others because qualities of others that you are transferring in yourself can make you a different unique dance
  4. PRACTICE IN FRONT OF MIRROR :-   Mirror shows your qualities and you defaults and you can learn from your default always dance in front of mirror and look at you-self how much you have improved your dance.
  5. IGNORE THE HEATER:- Heater’s can’t see the people who are getting success because they only demotivate others who are getting success and put them down, so its depend on you, Do you listen others or you listen to your-self.
  6. LEARN TO DANCE WITHOUT A PARTNER:-  Always Dance Alone you don’t need a partner you are alone enough to become a start , to alone enough to create a name and Fame and always practice alone.
  7. MAKE NEW DISCOVERIES:- Discover your-self Create something new and unique by your own some steps that no body does no body have seen your steps and moves before.
  8. SEEK YOUR INSTRUCTOR\MENTOR:- With whom you can talk and who pusses you further.
  9. PRACTICE HARD:- Practice hard give your best in practice, ignore your pain
  10. IGNORE YOUR PAIN:- Ignore your pain and think of success




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