Edance Battle
August 6, 2017


This is the Golden hat Metal skull studded snap-back with chain this is the very beautiful product Available in this website if you are looking for a Cap which is in golden color if you want to participate in any competition and you need any cap i think this is gonna better. Dancers Usually wear Hip Hop Cap and most of the time hip hop caps are usually use for dancing and for make a look or to create a style in a personality. there is a dance form dancers does with their cap . they are called cap trick , cap trick dance usually dancers does to manipulate the viewers eyes. different and attractive way to move cap in body and easy to manipulate viewers eyes for this trick hip hop cap is always require.

And you can get this hip hop cap from my site and there are many related option is available you can purchase it


Description of the Product

  • Material:  cotton with polyester and leather
  • Size:          one size, and it is fully adjustable adjustable
  • Colors:     multi colors are available you can purchase anyone.
  • Stylish:    unisex punk hip-hop hat

Full view of the product


As you can see in the image golden color is in the front with a golden skull which looks very attractive and there is a golden chain at the front whose shadow is appearing at he front slip and this golden skull and chain shines in the sun light and look very nice and if you will see the cap from inner side the cloth of the cap is good and there is a net inside the cap which feel comfortable while you wear it and the quality of the product is 100%  certified good product. this product is washable you can wash it when ever you want.

so don’t be late to purchase it , you will be very satisfied after using this product.

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