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August 11, 2017

Dancers Who Have Earn Their Name And Fame And Became Famous

FIK SHUN Guy with Crazy Dance Moves


His full name is Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall he Started Dancing at the age of 5 or 6 then he went to  Las Vegas Academy and learn Dance for 2 years after that he decide to give the audition on season 10  of So You Think You Can Dance and he gave his first audition and that was really nice the way he move his body was unbelievable the crowd was shouting like crazy , he made his presence on the stage, the music was perfectly awesome and moves was very attractive that attracts in every eyes of the person sitting on the set of So You Think You Can Dance  and he won the show, he won the 10th Season and become the Star.

FIK SHUN Guy with Crazy Dance Moves

Dytto the Girl who move their Body Better then any Boy :-



The Girl Name Dytto who is really a Good Dancer , She is  Similar as Fik Sun and her moves and Dance Form is also Similar to Fik Sun .

Dytto, born April 27, 1998, is a female animation dancer, well-known personality, and possibly a real-life robot. You may have spotted Dytto in her multiple appearances on The Ellen Show, her several viral dance videos, advertisements, or from her various live performances. She is now signed with Xcel Talent Agency, and is continuing to grow what she calls her #dyttofam. Find more on her Youtube Channel: Dytto.
Born in Florida, and raised in Atlanta, Dytto went from a gymnast, a cheerleader, a straight A student, and quite quickly all the way to a professional dancer. Years of training lead up to this in numerous dance styles, but not only did popping and animation hold a special place in her heart, but it gave her a special place in the dance community. In 2014, dance styles ranging from popping and hip-hop to robotting, tutting, and finger-tutting brought her to where she calls home today in Los Angeles, CA.
They call Dytto the “Barbie Girl” for a reason. Her first video and first live performance to reach over 40 million on multiple platforms shocked the internet, and shocked Dytto, too. She freestyled on her birthday for the first time on stage to a Barbie Girl Trap Remix and cannot help but to continuously claim it as “The best 17th birthday gift she could have ever received.”
Here Is Her Video

Dytto Barbie | robot girl | So You Think You Can dance

Les Twins – Twin Brother Same Quality Dancer


Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, known world wide as Les Twins, are identical twin brothers who have set fire to the hip hop dance scene. Born and raised in Sarcelles, France, the brothers are of Guadelupian decent. These dancing phenoms specialize in New Style Hip-Hop which is far more advanced than Old School Hip-Hop dancing. Les Twins are also a part of a larger crew known as Criminalz Crew. The brothers have been dancing since the age of two and haven’t stopped since. Although Laurent found his calling in the world of dance before Larry, they both have an extreme passion for the art. Both Larry and Laurent love their fans and appreciate all of the support that they have received from everyone around the world. It is apparent in how they treat their fans that these two find that maintaining great relationships with the fans far outweighs just sending videos or posting pictures online. You can attribute that characteristic to them coming from such a large family with 18 brothers and sisters, 9 of which also dance. That would explain why they love to dance and just have fun with one another. It is those close relationships that Les Twins hold dearly that keep them grounded and humble to this very day.

Les Twins - Twin Brother audition So You Think You Can Dance

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