Edance Battle
I am Dilshad Nafish..

Edance battle is actually mean Electronic Dance Battle. There will be Battle on Youtube between Dancers. I Will merge the video of Dancer and show the battle here those who is going to win will get the prizes and we are also Providing Shopping Product like Jeans , T shirts , jewelry’s , Caps , and shoes that you can purchase from this website so battling is a fun game you can challenge your friend to battle with him you will have to send me your videos and we will upload your video on youtube ask people to vote you on my website and maximum number of votes will decide the winner so this is the contest, that you can play and win so i have divided my website between two portion fir portion is for competition and second portion is for shopping product , the which you like but my all products are related dancing clothes and accessories, you can comment about the website what you like about and what you don’t like so that i can make a change on my website and make it better so its your choice you want to enjoy and participate battle or going to purchase products i am providing a link where you can send me your video and i will upload it on youtube and ask people to vote on my website and this way you can get famous i will be offering many offers like winner can get the product and ¬†product can also be the prizes. so fight and battle for winning

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