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August 5, 2017

5 ways To Dress Up To look Like Hip Hop Dancers

1.Long T shirt :- Every Dancer in this world want to look funky , stylish so that people can focus on them and every has their on style but common between them is their dressing style the way they dress themselves is really awesome every dancers can easily recognized by just looking at the so people first look at their t shirt and t shirts are the normal cloth that every body wear but the unique t shirt and funky t shirt and long t shirt usually dancers wear so the first thing that every dancer should focus on their t shirt, you should always wear long t shirt that touches your Knee.

If your color is dark you should try  that cloth which is dark color  for example you can wear Dark Blue, Black, Dark Red, etc every Human in this world is beautiful skin color doesn’t matter, what matters is how you look long t shirt with fancy design attracts allot so try wear long T shirt with fancy design as shown in the picture,

Boy’s T shirt is too Long and printed stars and lines made this T shirt so funky and the guy look like a Dancer.



2.Wear Loose Jeans :- Always wear loose Jeans when ever dancer dance they usually wear loose clothes that’s look good while dance and because of loose clothes become more easy to move a body, usually B-Boeing dancer wear loose clothes because they stunts look good on loose clothes, and this create a different look from others, loose Jeans with different printed design make a jeans look better as shown on the picture boy with black jeans and printed design with golden color has made the jeans more attractive and funky, hip hop dancers they also wear skinny jeans that also look good by loose jeans make a personality. so with long T shirt with Long jeans make you look like a dancer.


3.Wear High Ankle Shoes :-  Shoes are Very Important for Dancer they create a Different look from others Dancers always wear High and Funky Shoes and shoes make steps easy all leg’s steps become more smooth and easy to dance so wear the shoes which is good in color which matches your clothes for example white jeans with white shoes will look better and white shoes with white Long T shirt will also look good. creativity is something that you create by own, hip hop dancers always does that so always wear high ankle shoes with multi color patters that matches your clothes and white skin people and wear the shoes which color will be white and more light color shoe.





  1. Wear Jewelry:-  This is the important thing for every dancer , dancing jewelry  specially gold in color looks very attractive so gold chain looks good in every clothes so always were jewelry with hip hop clothes, gold jewelry create a image on our eyes and hip hop clothes and Jewelry all are available on my website you can purchase it.




5. Print tattoo on your Body :-   Hip Hop dancers usually Print tattoo on their body to look more dashing and stylish and gold jewelry also look good in tattoo printed body so if u wish you can print tattoo on your body, and create your look by your own creativity.


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